Professional Liability Claims

It is an unfortunate truth that professional liability claims have been on the rise for years. Professionals who exert their best efforts on behalf of patients and clients unwittingly find themselves on the receiving end of a lawsuit. And, sadly, the chances of a professional facing a malpractice or negligence lawsuit increase during times of perceived economic or political unrest.Professionals of any type can find themselves accused of alleged malfeasance in work performed for both public and private entities. Often, these types of lawsuits arise at the most unexpected and inopportune times and concern complex medical procedures and treatments, difficult legal situations and complicated business deals. Resolving malpractice cases in a defendant’s best interest requires a law firm with a broad range of knowledge and a deep well of experience.

Aggressively Defending Your Professional Reputation

The attorneys of Bush Graziano Rice & Hearing, P.A., defend a wide range of professionals who have been accused of malpractice or professional negligence. Our professional malpractice defense team is ready to take on the most challenging, complex cases.

Whether you are seeking a medical license defense attorney, a lawyer who understands legal malpractice defense strategy or a law firm with a record of success in professional liability defense, we can help. We also represent clients in administrative proceedings and defend them against claims in Florida civil court.

Proactively Protecting Your Good Name

Too often, professionals who have done nothing wrong believe they have nothing to fear from a malpractice investigation. Well-meaning professionals who attempt to aid an investigation can end up making statements that may cost them their professional license. This mistake can be made in legal and medical investigations.

If you have been accused of professional malpractice, please contact our professional liability claims attorneys to discuss your case. Let us speak for you. Our attorneys will protect your rights and work to preserve your good name as well as your ability to practice your profession.

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