Medical Malpractice Defense

A medical malpractice claim can be professionally and financially catastrophic for a physician, nurse or other health care professional. Such a claim, whether legitimate or not, requires the professional to expend a great deal of time and energy. It can also be emotionally draining and harmful to professional self-esteem.

At Bush Graziano Rice & Hearing, P.A., we understand the devastating toll that a claim of malpractice can take on a medical professional. We understand that physicians are hardworking professionals who have dedicated their lives to healing. It can be extremely frustrating when their efforts to help a patient are met not with thanks, but with legal action.

Successful Medical Malpractice Defense

Over the years, our medical malpractice attorneys have established an impressive record of success defending medical negligence cases. One of the keys to our success is the ability to distill complex medical issues into language that can be easily understood by a judge and jury. We also use our network of highly regarded experts to review medical records and offer opinions about whether negligence was involved in a case.

Several defenses are available to medical professionals accused of malpractice. Our lawyers will employ the defense that is best suited to your individual case.

Dedicated To Protecting Medical Professionals

Our attorneys are dedicated to protecting medical professionals who are confronted with malpractice claims. Whether the issue involves professional licensing, dental malpractice or administrative law, our team of skilled trial lawyers will be there to help. We also represent health care providers, including hospitals, professional associations and practices, nursing homes, assisted and independent living facilities, and emergency medicine facilities.

For more information, please contact a Florida medical negligence defense attorney about your case as soon as possible. Call us at our Tampa-based offices at 813-228-7000 or contact us online.