Hospital Liability

The Florida attorneys of Bush Graziano Rice & Hearing, P.A., understand the health care system and know how to defend hospitals from medical malpractice lawsuits. Our experience in medical device and medical negligence defense informs our work on behalf of our hospital malpractice defense clients.If your hospital is being sued for allegedly causing or contributing to a serious injury or fatality, it is important to retain legal counsel as soon as possible.

A Proactive Approach

When we are brought into a hospital liability case, our goal is to prevent a lawsuit from going forward. After the plaintiff’s lawyer files a notice of intent to sue, there is a mandatory 90-day period of investigation. During this time, our law firm works diligently to show that there is insufficient cause for the lawsuit to move forward.

We investigate the claim to determine exactly what happened and when. Our hospital liability defense team interviews nurses and other staff members involved in the care and treatment of the patient. We study the charts, combing through every doctor’s order given, every action taken and every interaction between and among the patient, staff and family members. All of this information is compiled into a detailed timeline of the patient’s hospitalization, from admitting through discharge.

Evaluation By Respected Experts

We send the medical records and supporting evidence to a respected medical expert for review. He or she will provide an opinion regarding whether there was a deviation from the standard of care or any violation of professional ethics.

Our hospital liability attorneys are frequently successful in preventing lawsuits from going forward, thus saving our clients the time and expense of litigation.

If your hospital is facing a malpractice claim, please call us in Tampa at 813-228-7000 or contact us online to discuss your case.