Alternative Billing

Attorneys' fees and costs incurred in the representation of a client should reflect the value brought to that particular representation. In an effort to achieve this "value added" goal, the shareholders of Bush Graziano Rice & Platter, P.A., are prepared to depart from the traditional practice of "hourly billing" and explore a variety of potential billing alternatives.

Working To Identify Alternative Billing Arrangements

We look forward to working with our clients, in the appropriate circumstances, to identify and implement a reasonable alternative billing arrangement. In the past, we have explored and/or implemented a range of alternative billing practices, including the following:

  • Flat fee arrangements for an entire matter
  • Flat fee arrangements defining a specific fee for each particular segment of a matter
  • Blended contingent fee/hourly rate arrangements
  • Straight contingent fee arrangements
  • Reverse contingent fee arrangements
  • Annual flat fee retention rates
  • Blended hourly rate arrangements

Sensitive To Clients' Financial Needs

At Bush Graziano Rice & Platter, P.A., we are committed to client service. As an integral part of that philosophy, our lawyers are willing to discuss virtually any type of reasonable alternative billing practice. We look forward to meeting you and designing an equitable fee arrangement that meets your needs and makes sense for the particular retention.

To learn more about our available billing alternatives, feel free to contact us online or call our Tampa office at 813-228-7000.